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was not expecting this to be a backrooms game 

The idea of the game is very beautiful, so that you roam around and a scary creature follows you without feeling it, and you can use the recording tool such as CheckPoint, if the developer extends the life of the game and makes additions to it, this game will be more popular.

thank you for developing the game

Really cool game. The atmosphere really gets to you, which in horror games nowadays is really hard to pull off.

Really enjoyed the premise! I played this very unaware it was a backrooms theme. Then cinematic sequence at the end was so fun~


Duckenheimer programmed this game to literally quack at the player for their cowardice when they try to quit. How dare you :P



thank you for the good house of leaves content we all needed
the house on Ash Tree Lane has So much potential for a good horror game and im glad a couple people are trying to make something with it!!


Had a lot of fun with this one. Well done,  very unique. Check vid for full gameplay.  

Weird. In one of your screenshots there's something on the TV. But when I played the TV didn't show anything.

I think you might be the first person to notice that - It's not a bug or anything, I actually just had to cut the video from the project due to time constraints and file size limitations; fwiw, the video wasn't related to the story in any way and may have even been a little bit confusing or out of place if I'd kept it in...

Thanks for playing by the way!


I loved this so so so much! I was not prepared for that twist, but that make it so much better!

It's a really nice made Horrorgame with a good atmosphere and a nice twist. Really well made. Not convinced yet? Take a look at the gameplay:

My name is Walter Hartwell White. I live at 2000 Navidson Lane Albuquerque New Mexico 87104. This is my confession.


you are a liar and identity thief. the authorities have been alerted. 


no pleasew villian stan


your fate is in the council's hands now

Great atmosphere and this game taught me not to trust jobs from craigslist xD Good stuff <3 


By any chances did you take notes from Iron Lung? Because the jumpscare got me way too good - distracting my mind from trying to move past an invisible force proceeding in a scare, brilliant one

I haven't actually played Iron Lung yet, but I plan to soon :V

It's funny you mention it though, because I *did* have Squirrel Stapler on my mind while I worked on this - big fan of David Szymanski's work. Thanks for playing my game!


A bit more longer than I expected, but very fun and nice graphics. And god... the freaking jumpscare almost sent me to the hospital 💀 (Pt-BR) 


That Galaxy room was so beautiful that was the best part of the game!

This was a very interesting take on the 'explore-spooky-house' type of horror game. Great graphics and overall quite enjoyable!


Based on the name and basic premise, was this inspired by House of Leaves?


Absolutely! It's hard to translate any part of a 700 page book where some of the pages are upside down into a game, but it was definitely in my mind as I worked on this :)


I thought so! The camera shrinking at the end worked really well. I liked it!

The graphic in this game was just amazing! the plot was a bit confusing just like any backroom type game, but really liked how it got me thinking! 

This game is creepy as hell and I love it!! 

Nice game !

Genuinely creepy and unsettling, and well-paced for a found-footage game! You had me on edge the whole time.

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Non Sum Qualis Eram


Dude this was fuckin horrifying. Loved every second of it. You really built a great atmosphere that didn't rely on jumpscares or anything. I would love to see more.

Played at 15:01. Very good game! The house is definitely the same as in another game I played called The Gallagher Case. 

Spooky game! Check out my video.

Interesting game, enjoyed it!

loved the game very unique gameplay loved to see more games from you 10/10 keep the amazing work  



i really enjoyed this game hope to see more from you and your team !

house of cheese

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I tried to play this but the mouse sensitivity was crazzzy low and movement was very slow, and no way to change it :( 


Played the game in my channel! I really liked it, especially that view of space!

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Fantastic and creepy game you have here mate! Some serious promise, wasn’t expecting the twist mid way through and can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Included it as part of my Handful of Horror Series

This game truly is Creepy Scared every muscle in my body lol.  Absolutely love it and down to see what comes more of this game and its creator.
My bone chilling experience.


I didn't sign up for the BACKROOMS!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I love how it changes so much and the mystery behind this, the email was a nice turn and explained everything. Great job 👍🏼


Really liked playing this , great job!!!


Very nice playing in this horror game)


A very awsome game! Great job dude it was very creepy and the Backrooms touch was freaking great!! Gotta say though that ending about gave me a heart attack lol


I enjoyed this game a lot, the eerie atmosphere and sounds really kept me on my toes. I hope I wasn't the only person to get scared by the little statue on the steps LOL. However, this game was great I recommend everyone to play it. 




The story and the atmosphere of this game are good! I really enjoyed playing it! 


this game was insane... i liked the atmosphere but i did recognize the  main asset at the end of the game from a different horror game i played. overall it was good and i enjoyed memeing it a little with the title and thumbnail. appreciate you making this game. its a reaction compilation so its not long at all, like 3 minutes so hey maybe give it a watch!!
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