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I've gotten a few questions about the soundtrack in this game, so I thought I'd write up a more detailed post here than what's included in the attribution file - specifically, a tour of the game's musical assets organized by the levels in which they appear.

First, big shout out to Joth, whose contributions over at OpenGameArt are greatly appreciated. His sweet Bossa nova track has found its way into more than one of my projects, namely the pause menus :]

Find him at:

The track

The main menu tune is a remix of A Deus from Grandia II. I thought it'd be cool to back-door some actual Dreamcast music in there somewhere. The remix was made by Slum GVK, who can be found at:

 The track

Welcome Shore has two alternating BGM tracks, both by DJ Spaniel and both from the same set. They're titled Blue Divin', and Splash & Wave. Seemed fitting, both in style and in nomenclature. Find them at:

Blue Divin'

 Splash & Wave

Sundown Reef also got two  tracks of its own; I hoped it might help keep things fresh since the game was designed around visiting the same locations a couple of times.  Both tracks come from an album titled Horizons, by Pragmatic Theory. The album's more of a beat tape featuring various artists so I'll link Pragmatic Theory as well as the specific artists here too:


Constrobuz - Sun Rider

The remaining music in the game, i.e. the ambient stuff was composed by yours truly in FL Studio with hours left on the clock before the jam deadline. lol, lmao, etc.

Anyway, please do check out the artists linked above, especially their other work that's available! Musicians, developers, and all manner of artists alike rely on symbiotic relationships and collaboration to promote a healthy environment.


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Thx dude! You're the best!