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Is contract salvage diving right for you? It probably is! Here's why:

- Ultimate flexibility

You won't really have a job, not according to our paperwork! This means you can take a better job offer at any time, if you ever get one.

- Be your own Boss

You know what's best for you. Choose your own hours! Choose 80 of them every week if you want!

- Meet new people

There are people diving with Oonder, LLC for all kinds of reasons. You will encounter people of all ages and from some backgrounds diving for cash.

- Listen to music while you work
(Note: Oonder is not responsible for collisions that occur while diver is distracted, and will not respond to inquiries related to incidents)

Every year, billions of dollars in assets are lost to the deep. By diving with Oonder, you can do your part to recover some of those losses for some of the biggest, most important business entities on the planet. Awesome! 

We'll even lend you a submarine.

Once you sign our user agreement, you'll receive your very own decommissioned nuclear submarine, retrofitted with some of the equipment necessary to dive for loot. No need to thank us.


WORKING TIDAL is a Sega Dreamcast inspired, loot grabbing, time attack game built for Haunted PS1's Summer of Shivers game jam.

Theme: Submechanophobia - the fear of submerged machines.

In it, you'll be given control of a submarine with a limited fuel supply and tasked with diving into various oceanic locations for lost, forgotten, and valuable artifacts as part of a gig for a salvage company.

You can return to locations you've previously unlocked, upgrade your submarine, and view detailed descriptions and models of the items you've found in-game from the main menu.

There are several locations to explore, as well as some narrative segments to see. Total runtime should come in at under an hour, unless you really enjoy your new job.


E, LMB, or Space
Activate Sonar (if unlocked)
Climb (if unlocked)
Dive (if unlocked)
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(49 total ratings)
Tagsdeep-sea, Dreamcast, hauntedps1, Horror, Low-poly, Retro, Time Attack, underwater


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the game is very good

also i managed to get the watch in the pond near welcome shore


THIS GAME IS INSANELY GOOD i have nothing but incredible things to say about it, it is one of the most unique and engaging games I've played on Itch. it was perfectly paced, i loved the matter-of-fact-ness, i loved the Vibe. Just, chefs kiss, I'm gonna be thinking about this game for a while


Hella good. Graphics are charming and do the job, soundtrack bops and atmosphere, and the core mechanics are fun. I'd absolutely play a longer sub-based salvage game whether or not it was haunted. <3


Thanks bud :)
It'd be cool to revisit this someday with more time to spend on improving/expanding the gameplay. Just need to find a publisher to foot the bill for my Hideo Kojima-tier music licensing requirements for a full release lmao


This was very fun, I streamed this to my friend on discord and we had a lot of fun playing it. The soundtrack is SOOOO GOOOD especially for the first welcome stage of the game, when it started getting scary at the abyss part it was also really cool. 

10/10 game, good work1


I adore this game! Such a unique premise and implementation!

(1 edit) (+1)

Hello! I've really loved this game so far but I'm kind of confused on how to get the other Ending(s?), tried searching around online and couldn't find anything... Any help would be greatly appreciated

Edit: I figured out how to get Ending 2, it was a lot simpler than I thought it would be but it makes a lot of sense. For others who may be wondering: the rocks are there for a reason


This was a magnificent experience!
I loved the Vaporwave and 90s Jungle influences. I loved the absurd cat face that talks to you and the quirky sound effects. And I was glad I eventually understood why this game was part of a horror gamejam.

My only caveat is that I honestly wish there was a whole game about collecting stuff underwater with the Vaporwave aesthetic. 

Thank you for making such a unique game.


goated game, lotta fun scootin around in the water and gettin cash

That's cool.

very good and very cool. thumbs up emoji 


Very fun, gnarly and vaguely spooky game. I really enjoyed the gameplay and general vibe.

I played it during my stream check it out! (8:22)

a cat

ayo why is michael's brother in this game


What a great game! Loved the atmosphere and overall dreamcast vibe. Can't wait for your upcomming games!


really loved this! Such a harmonic piece. I'm not sure if there's a secret with the vox items in the game but really like the mystery around those items regardless


Really good for what it is.


I'll be honest. I didn't know what to expect with this game. But man, this was a great one! I want to keep on playing until I get that absurd amount of dollars required for the last(?) area. I loved it!

I included this game in a video where I raise awareness for #TeamSeas! It really was one where I could actively collect trash in the ocean, and it helped emphasize the importance of cleaning the ocean! It's the second game showcased!


Honestly a fun and weird game. I enjoyed it so much!!!


Hi! This was an amazing game that you can experience in less than an hour, from the sporty time trial resource collection in the beginning, to the detailed background of the world with explanations of items, to the fear of the unknown abyss in the second half! Thanks for a really awesome piece!

Hey! I did a big roundup on a bunch of games in the jam (including yours) with some thoughts on each. Figured I'd share it here for anyone interested!

Show post...

nice game


From start to finish this game is just one big vibe, I love it!


Where can one get this dope-ass soundtrack?

Nice game btw :3


Thanks! I just wrote up a post with details regarding the sources of the various BGM tracks used in the game here.


Very beautifull. Would give day 200 out of LSD sim


It was kinda tough collecting the last item in the last level. Interesting how in all the play-through videos that are out there, the players just go straight to touching "it" at the end.


Nice game! ❤️


this game kicks ass!


This is a really fun game - the direction it takes is brilliant and kept me playing for a solid amount of time, just to see how it would play out! I posted a review in the jam submission page, and did a playthrough video: 


Amazing and very fun game. I really like those more arcade-oriented games, and here it has all of this style. Congrats on your game.


I wouldn't be caught dead in Shades (uncool).

Seriously though, great game, duckenheimer. Loved it from beginning to end.

You wrote so much lore in the item descriptions and dialogue; I wouldn't be surprised if the terms of service at the beginning was a legit original 200 page novel written for this game! Must've taken forever to write all that.

Enjoyed playing this one. Thanks so much for making it!




Accurate simulation of the gig economy.