Update 1.4! The Definitive Experience! Or Something!

Most of the work in this update is centered around the end of the game, i.e. the part I did in a hurry as the jam deadline approached :)

- reworked the final boss encounter slightly to make it less ambiguous and a little easier to complete. includes some visual tweaks to the area as well.

- added a "SKIP" button for the dialogue with [REDACTED] after the first time, in case the player touches/dies to it more than once as the dialogue sequence is pretty long.

- sped up the dialogue a bit in that section as well to trim down how long it takes to get through the first time.

- made it a little more clear that dying to [REDACTED] is *not* the end, it's just one possible ending. somebody tell the people making youtube videos to stop flying directly into the final boss, dying, and thinking that's just the end of the game. lmao

- reworked the epilogue sequence to allow reading at your own pace. there's a "next" button and everything!

There are also some graphics tweaks, including:

- an engine config issue prevented some of the resolution scaling I was doing in-editor from even showing up in the final game... This has been fixed, and the result for you is chunkier pixels befitting a Dreamcast title in glorious 4:3

- a previously unlocked framerate meant players on high-end systems enjoyed high frame rates, sometimes even a little too high. fixed this with a quick 60 FPS cap and this also led to me spending time fixing some other small things regarding the submarine's movement behavior


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Oct 07, 2021


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